Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Tinsel Toes today successfully provides year round employment, to an entire jutti making unit in Sunam, Punjab that supports the livelihood of many families.
  • Our core value is: respect, both the manufacturer and the customer. The company endeavors to combine aesthetics with ethics, so that at the end of the day an artisan gets a proper wage and the customer is happy with the product.
  • We have grown rapidly in the past 1 year, and have achieved satisfaction amongst our clients, with a low volume model where we can focus on the quality of our product and also, there is less pressure on the jutti makers.
  • We are self-sustainable and not dependent on external grants for our economic success. This growth has had a benefit for the artisan community – regular income.
  • The jutti manufacturers and the karigars (hand embroidery) are earning regular income for the first time in their lives which has increased their self-esteem which means a higher status for them in their family.
  • We at Tinsel Toes, keep separate grants and funds for the karigars to meet emergencies and other family commitments, also we provide better infrastructure and a good working environment.
  • The jutti manufacturers and the karigars belong to underprivileged sections of the society and they spend some of their earnings on education of their children, especially girls, in order to ensure a better future for them. This is huge step towards a developed society and better living conditions for them.
  • Tinsel Toes ensures sustainable livelihoods for jutti manufacturers and karigars by creating top quality hand made products based on the principles of fair trade and a celebration of India’s rich craft heritage.
  • Punjabi Jutti is the traditional Indian Craft that has not evolved since ages, at Tinsel Toes we focus on uplifting this beautiful craft by giving it a new design sensibility and a new approach capturing the ever growing fashion focused market.

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