Indian footwear trends everyone is Obsessed with!

Indian footwear trends everyone is Obsessed with!

While the Indian footwear business has undergone significant transformation in recent years, nothing has recently had as much of an impact on industry trends as the global pandemic.

The preference for cozy shoes is at an all-time high as individuals spend most of their time indoors. In this post-covid era, kolhas, juttis, and sliders are internet purchasing platforms' most popular search terms. After experiencing the lovely moment of slipping our feet into flat sandals and being ready to go, it is now tough to return to wearing shoes, boots, and high heels

While certain footwear has been Indianized, such as ballerinas, kitten heels, block heels or wedges, Greek sandals, and loafers, others still reflect India's vast and varied cultures and customs.


Keep in mind that comfort should come first, but that does not mean we should wear something boring to be at our most comfortable. It could be both stylish and cozy at the same time. 


TinselToes women's footwear


Indianising on our shoe trends, the 'wearability and style' formula for this year's shoe trends is a simple one that we would be okay with.

Famously known Manolo Blahnik says,

"Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis"

In the most popular documentary of recent times on Docubay called "Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards." Right on to Manolo's words, here are the top Indian footwear styles our generations are embracing. Fill your shelf with our suggestions!



Kolhapuri chappals have a long history dating back to the 12th century, when Basavanna, a minister to King Bijjala of the Western Chalyuka dynasty, supported the local production of Kolhapur chappals to benefit the cobbler community. Even though traditionally, these were made of leather, and we may categorize footwear into non-leather and leather categories, adopting vegan footwear and avoiding animal-based items are now mainstream trends.

Of course, keeping the handmade varieties. Our Kolhas are adorned with comfort and promise to add an oomph to your outfit. 


TinselToes Kolhas


Midnight Magic 

Our Midnight Magic Kolhapuris are inspired by the gorgeous colors of midnight. The colors and designs are aesthetically beautiful, and you will love them! Hand embroidered with pearls, crystals, beadwork, and sequins, these perfectly match every outfit. The midsole is incredibly soft, flexible, and stable in every step you take.


kolhapuri chappals



Designed with intricate hand embroidery in the most exquisite golden and beige color palette, our Amber Kolhas are hard to resist. The gold sequin made with katdana, beads, pearls, and unique fashionable material accentuates ethnic and casual outfits.


Kolhapuris in India



Elsa Kolhapuri inspired by Disney movies is what will stand you out in day events. The colors and designs are aesthetically beautiful, and you will love them! The various crystals, bullion knots, katdana, and sequins add to its beauty! When combined with your casual collection, they appear unbelievable.



How can we continue drooling over Indian footwear without mentioning the most adored of them all, Juttis?

Juttis have been innovated and stylized in distinctive ways suitable to the present times. They are something that somehow never goes out of style, and now that we are speaking up for locals to create a support system for local businesses. From office wear to a big fat Indian wedding, Juttis can be styled unimaginably.

Holding on to the trail are TinselToes juttis, handcrafted with the most intricate designs and justifying comfort and fashion together. Here are our most loved pairs, and we are sure you can't resist adding them to your cart, too! 


Zareen Juttis TinselToes



As elegant as its name, Zareen Juttis are a gorgeous white pair with hues of nude and ivory. Get ready for a spring wedding festivity Zareen Juttis. The most comfortable midsole is guaranteed to give you a night of dancing!
    Chandbali Juttis tinseltoes


    These beautiful pairs of juttis are here to make all your pastel dreams come true! Stylish Handcrafted Juttis with beads, zari, pearls, and katdana embellishments. This piece is flawless! Pair it with your favorite Indian wear this wedding season and stand out. Easy to wear juttis with cushioned footbeds.
    Punjabi Juttis



    For those who love colors, our Aurora Juttis are a perfect match for all your festivities. Hand embroidered with threadwork, sequins, katdanas, beads, and organza leaves, these juttis can level up your look instantly.


    The versatile nature of sliders makes them a universal no-fuss shoe. We love them so much because of their classic elegance and practicality for everyday use. You can rely on our extensive collection to keep you stylish and comfortable. You'll discover the perfect fusion of fashion and function at TinselToes, guaranteeing you're always prepared for any situation.

    Our sliders are a little more comfortable to walk in than a regular stiletto due to their comfortable cushioning and careful attention to detail. We got your back for all your colour and style preferences, from maximalist summer shades to minimalistic neutral hues.

    beach sliders


    Beauty and Beach

    Who doesn't like laced embroidery? This summer, elevate your beach look with our Beauty and Beach Sliders. Handcrafted with embroidery, beige lacework, and intricately aligned seashells for the perfect beach look. Coupled with a comfortable sole, Beauty and Beach is a perfect companion for those long beach walks.

    trending sliders tinseltoes

    Hakuna Matata

    Our happy, beautiful pair of Hakuna Matata sliders come with dense tassels. It's a combination of warm, joyous, and cool soothing colors. With pearls, beads, and multicolored sequins, this design gives us all the lively, happy-go-lucky boho vibes. The colors and designs are aesthetically beautiful, and you will love them! When combined with your casual collection, they appear unbelievable.

    Trendy sliders 2023


      With heavenly beadwork on a soft beige base, our Paradise sliders are made for an elegant evening of ethnic wear. With intricate beadwork spread across the base, this pair is versatile comfort wear with a top-of-the-world vibe!


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